Christmas Hams

Every year, Donati’s Fine Meats in Carlton is named in food publications as the supplier of one of the best hams in Melbourne.
People have a standing order year in year out and Leo Donati, pictured above, gets his production going for what is probably his busiest and most stressful time of the year…. producing enough hams to satisfy the seasonal demand.

I took this picture of him last week, while he was still smiling…..  This week it will be hard to get into the shop. People will be queued up 6 deep collecting their hams, turkeys etc. for Christmas lunch.

Luckily for me, I am not cooking this Christmas…. having been invited by my lovely friends…. so I won’t have to queue.

If you have missed out this year, you can always try Leo’s ham and other products after Christmas and all year long.

Donati’s Fine Meats
402 Lygon Street
Carlton Vic 3053
(03) 9348 2221

Wishing all my Christian friends a very Happy Christmas!