October 2019

Thank you Meera! The trip with you was fantastic! I feel so so lucky for the experience!

Jo A. California

Thank you so much Meera! The trip was fabulous and we could not have been more pleased.

Janet D. California


You were right when we all sometimes commented on the distances we travelled –
that when we look at our own photos and relive the memories of all that we saw and experience, we would realize how fortunate we were to have gone on this trip.
Your attention to detail to organize everything for our benefit, especially our stunning meals everywhere was remarkable.
Given you had the responsibility of looking after the physical and social needs of 11 people all over the age of 70, your arrangements and itinerary were outstanding and gave us a unique
view of Morocco.
It was a truly memorable tour and we’ll always remember it with great enjoyment and interest.
Once again our sincere thanks to you ( and of course Hassan without whom it would not have been possible!)

Mary S. Melbourne

We just want to thank you for having given us a wonderful and fascinating time as we travelled around Morocco.
And the food was fabulous!

Pam F. Melbourne

Oh my what an extraordinary experience for me. Thank you Meera … So many wonderful memories will stay with me forever.

Rita K. Melbourne

…thank you again for most fascinating and fun travels in Morocco. I learnt a great deal and loved all the marvellous experiences you had organised for us all. I also loved travelling with you and think we can do this again!!!

Annie H. Melbourne

Dear Meera, thanks so much for a very wonderful journey. I have loved every moment . Your attention to detail is just so beautiful, fellow traveller.

Rhonda L. Daylesford

Just wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed my trip to Morocco! Your very obvious connection both to the place and the people was clear and made the whole experience so rewarding. The accommodation was also such an experience – just delightful! I had such a different picture in my head as to what Morocco was like so was amazed at the variety of vegetation/land form throughout the country. Being a ‘painter’, I was really tuning in on the colours, shapes and form of the environment and really admire your photography which captures the images in such an artistically honed way! I know as a group we were a little challenging at times (!) however you corralled everyone expertly and we definitely did need the minder at the back!!
The food experiences were just stunning; ate way too much but didn’t want to miss anything! My son, in his enthusiasm, bought me the Scanpan Tagine for Mothers’ Day so there is no excuse now to try cooking one!! Once again, a very big Thank you for making the trip such a special one for me.

Jude E. Melbourne


…a big thank you for all you had done for us on our Moroccan trip. Your meticulous planning had made the trip a stress free and pampered experience for us. My only concern is this could be the new benchmark for future trips. Can’t wait to thank you in person and bore you with our tales of Morocco.

SS & C. Melbourne


We went to Morocco with high expectations, and they were exceeded at every bend in the road.
Every corner, every village every city, there are post cards waiting to be photographed.
We thoroughly enjoyed a very well planned and executed trip. It was like being part of a well oiled machine, and we too give Adil a six star rating…
I can truly see why you have travelled there so often, as our taste oforocco has left us wanting more.
Thank you so much for all your organisation, and having us treated as very special guests by all tour Guides. A special mention to Momo in Fez as well. All our accommodation was fantastic, and well located.
We are looking forward to visiting Melbourne, and thanking you in person.

Peter & Kylie S. Perth

APRIL 2018

Morocco with you was everything I expected and more. Fourteen days of almost perfect weather travelling through an everchanging landscape from sea to desert, experiencing the richness of the past and the bustling energy of the present I am spending my days as I recover from jetlag, with the contemplation of a fascinating and unique journey.
Your attention to detail from the creature comforts provided in the exotic riads, to the special food requirements of our group, our collective safety in the medinas and the care and courtesy of our driver Hassan, all indicated how much thought and effort you gave to making our trip as good as it could possibly be.

Zelda R. Melbourne

APRIL 2017

Thank you for the wonderful journey we will never forget our time spent with you and your team in Morrocco . It was so colourful interesting and thought provoking.

Marlyn B. Melbourne

What a special memory to have!Thank you for sharing your Morocco with us. I will remember it forever. I love your passion and colours and all the amazing friends you have. It is so special that we have been able to share all these wonderful experiences. And of course the food, wow what a gastronomic explosion of delicious delights.

Jenny E. Sydney

…Your love of Morocco is infections and I feel privileged to have been able to share this trip with you…

Jenny H. Sydney

We had such a fantastic time, thank you for everything. Morocco is wonderful and you made it so special for us all.

Marylou and Ray O. Melbourne

It’s pouring down rain here … so I have the opportunity to quietly savor the beautiful photos you sent and joyfully remember the journey you led us on. Many thanks to you and to long time friends and new ones for sharing this wonderful experience.

Eleanor D. Philadelphia

We want to again thank you and Hassan for a truly memorable journey through Morocco and made even more enjoyable by our travelling companions. Thanks for our great gastronomic tour (and the rest)!

Merryn and Doug D. Anglesea


Remarkable holiday. Totally absorbing and mesmerising. All the richer because of your extensive knowledge of the history, traditions, language and food.

Wendy M. Adelaide

…thank you once again for a marvellous tour of Morocco – a country that has so much to offer the culturally aware and anyone interested in food. We have tried, when asked, to think of the ‘best’ bit but can’t. It was all so interesting and exciting that no one place/thing stands out, although I must say Fes is high on our list as is the desert experience. We felt very much that we were seeing special places and eating special foods by virtue of your experience and skills.

Doreen and David R. Melbourne

My mind still boggles at the depth & breadth of all we saw & learned & the tremendous variety of landscapes & locations our tour encompassed. Your expertise and familiarity with Morocco made for an unforgettable & premium experience and I’m very glad I took up the opportunity to join you.

Yvonne K. Melbourne

APRIL 2016

…thank you for the most wonderful tour I have ever been on. I feel I have seen the real Morocco and been to places and had experiences that would never have been possible any other way. Being in a small group allowed you to cater for everyone’s needs and wishes and no one was left wanting. The accommodation was superb with the most beautiful riads balanced on either side of our desert experience. The food was so diverse with the ultimate in fine dining to the carefully selected delicious market lunches. Every day you planned a magical surprise of some sort that was not detailed in your itinerary.
This was a trip that I will never forget. It should be called Magical Morocco with Meera.

Eileen N. Melbourne

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to see & taste Morocco in such an amazing way. I can’t imagine how much effort you have put in to make the trip run so smoothly. So much behind the scenes work done to cater for all our needs & more!

Joan K. Melbourne


Meera thank you so much for your extraordinary ability to navigate a diverse group of vegetarians, gluten freers, fructose intolerants, loose canons, through a trip in a difficult environment coping so well with lost objects, funny tummies etc etc etc…
Ken and I had a wonderful time, some truly memorable moments and are truly in awe of your amazing organisational skills, your attention to detail, the relationships with locals you have cultivated,your flexibility and your care and concern for all of us, extending to chicken soup for the ailing!!!

Carol and Ken K. Melbourne

thank you Meera and Hassan for the wonderful time and care for us over the last 2 weeks. Truly memorable.

Liv and Gary J. Melbourne

Ola Meera and Hassan from Madrid
We also would like to thank you both for the very special time we had in Morocco and for your care and attention. Thanks Meera for navigating us through the challenges of the airport in Casablanca this morning and for just being there for us
With love

Carmella and Geoff P.Melbourne

MAY 2014

It was a fabulous trip and I just loved every minute of it.

Robyn L. Melbourne

…a very big thank you for showing us a Morocco I will never forget.
As I said at dinner the other evening, it was a journey that touched all my senses. we experienced wonderful food flavours, smelt this and many other great things. That fantastic fresh mint in the markets, along with other herbs etc. The wonderful silence of the desert in contrast to the noises of the markets. The pleasure of being entertained by the various musicians, and the wonderful sounds of the drums, voices and string instruments. The ever-changing landscape, as well as the beautiful mosaics and plaster works in various buildings. The gorgeous Riad’s that we had the pleasure of staying in. This has accumulated to a fantastic, very memorable experience of Morocco.
So thank you for organising and travelling the journey with me. Greatly appreciated.

Jan D. Melbourne

APRIL 2014

Ballad of Meera, Hassan and Zahir.
(To the tune Ghost Riders in the Sky)

I’ve heard this famous story
from Zagora to Tangier
On desert dimes and mountain peaks
It’s told from year to year
And people look with reverence
At the story teller’s hand
As he tells of much loved heroes
Names known throughout the land.

A party from Australia
Flew in to Morocco
They stood out from the locals
And nothing did they know
They looked around the airport
Searching for someone
When along came Meera
Together with Hassan.

They are known, both far and near
Meera Hassan and Zahir.

Meera was their shepherdess
With languages innate
The locals they all loved her
As she knew how to relate
She managed all their kvetching
And never once was rude
While together with Hassan
Arranged incredible food.

Hassan their trusty driver
Was known in every place
He dealt with all adversity
And kept a steady pace
Each mountain pass or desert road
He just took in his stride
And he managed all his charges
No matter what they tried.

And third not last there came Zahir
Their guide of great acclaim
He worked upon their bleary minds
And understanding came
His knowledge was fantastic
He wove it like a web
He gave great hospitality
With his charming wife Zineb.

They are known………

Through Tizi n Tichka
They speed to Ouarzazate
Across the Atlas Mountains
To deserts shining bright
On mules to village Armedt
They presented quite a scene
They joined in Berber dancing
And feasted on tajine.

They are known……

They steered them through Medinas
In Marrakech and Fes
Through Mosques, Madrassas, Monuments
Content with nothing less
No shepherd with his sheepdog
Could round up with such skill
Without such careful mustering
They might be wandering still.

Morocco is a wonder
These Australians all agreed
Its Kasbahs, Ksours ,Medinas
Its peaks and desert sands
But most of all they treasured
The planning and the care
Of their heroes Meera
Hassan and Zahir.

They are known……

An old Berber came riding
On a dark and windy day
His mule pulled back and he looked up
And shouted out ” oy veh”
Meera Meera Meera
Called the voices from on high
For their road was never ending
The busriders in the sky.

Yippee yi yo, Yippee yi yea
The busriders in the sky.

David M. Melbourne


Fantastic in every way! Beyond any expectation we had.
Cannot thank you enough.

Sari K. New Jersey USA

…Sari and I can’t thank you enough for creating a trip so caring, lavish and memorable that we will carry it with us always. Kamal is a real gem of a person – bright, thoughtful, kind, considerate and fun to be with…..

Jerry L. New York City USA

APRIL 2013

For me the trip was perfection. Really.
Everyday was a complete new experience fulfilled by an amazing change of geography, cities, colors, architecture, food, markets, medinas, kasbahs, traditions, friendly people and information and knowledge imparted by yourself and Radoune.

Lilli D. Melbourne

Our holiday together was amazing fantastic and happy and magical.

Helen L. Melbourne

JAN 2013

What a wonderful time and trip we had, from start to finish. The sights were amazing, the people very polite, friendly and funny, the food delicious, and all the guides were knowledgable, well informed, well spoken and fun to be with… Thanks again for your help in making this such a special trip.

Patrick, Dick and Michael New York USA


We have had a great time. Thanks again for organising everything for us.

Mark G Melbourne

APRIL 2012

….thank you for a most enjoyable, exhilarating, informative, superbly managed tour. You picked out the ‘eyes’ of what there was to see and do.

Sara B., Melbourne

We really enjoyed the variety of experiences on the trip and must say that Meera is a top class tour leader. Her local knowledge and her care and concern for her clients was exceptional as was the itinerary.

Charles & Marion B Sydney

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my time with you.
As I probably said to you I wasn’t sure what Morocco would be like and the whole trip was beyond my expectations.

Janet M, Melbourne


I have been thinking about my magical time in Morocco and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most incredible time.
Morocco was so familiar to me having seen your pictures over the years but in reality it was even more amazing and all the richer for you allowing me to into “your” Morocco. Your friends, who treat you like family, were wonderful and I am lucky to have met them and with you to experience the hospitality, generosity and love they show to you.
I am truly grateful. Thank you, thank you.

Caitlin N., Dubai

Thank you for showing me your Morocco, through your eyes and friends. The people so warm and proud and the food always delicious and tempting.

Maryanne M., Hong Kong

I want you to know what a wonderful holiday I had! Morocco was so much more than I remember and already I plan to return…
The highlight for me was Marrakesh. Different for us all I am sure…
I enjoyed the company, experiences and food……none of which would have been possible without your help.

Amanda M., Hong Kong

I’m still pinching myself that I have had the good fortune of experiencing such an amazing country. Not only to have seen the beautiful intricacy of the ancient Islamic architecture, feasted on exotically flavoured tagines, sublime almond pastries, juicy plump pomegranates and of course the customary ubiquitous mint tea, marvelled at the sun rising in the vast Sahara on the back of a grumpy/flatulent dromedary, danced with gracious, smiling Berber men High in the Atlas mountains, but also having had the opportunity of sharing this special culture with 6 wonderful intelligent women, hosted expertly by you Meera! It will be an experience cherished for a very long time!! So, thank you for sharing that part of you and showing me your Morocco!!

Antra L., Melbourne


Back at work and keep daydreaming of our trip.  Just wanted to say thank you for making my holiday a true adventure in comfort.  Your attention to restaurant selections and locations was truly appreciated as they will be lifelong memories.

Katy M., Melbourne


I still can’t stop talking about the wonderful trip with so many experiences to treasure for ever. Thank you so much once again for making it so memorable.

Karen I., Melbourne

What an amazing trip and what a fabulous group of girls. Still have to pinch myself to think about what I have seen and done. Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful trip.

Barbara D., Melbourne

I have not stopped raving about the trip. I really enjoyed every moment. I thought the participants were a great group and it was a privilege to meet your wonderful and hospitable Moroccan friends. All credit to you.

Vivien B., Melbourne


..I am feeling so bereft of Morocco, especially Marrakech. It was so wonderful and I can’t thank you enough for making it all happen perfectly.

Judith R, New York, USA

…you might have picked up the vibrations emanating from our singing your praises in this part of the globe, because we have been doing just that….The trip was very much what you promised…you are, by the way, clearly loved by many of the restaurant and riad personnel we met. Mentioning your name produced sparkles in people’s eyes!

Mark K, New York USA


Thank you for all of your planning and stunning execution in delivering a very sucessful, absolutely enjoyable tour.
The chefs and cooks who produced all of the beautiful food were amazing, the restaurants we ate in, the hotels and riads we stayed in, the lovely warm people, the mix of visting cities and smaller villages, the great guides and the efficient transfers made for a wonderful, very memorable experience. I will continue to spread the great stories of our trip so hopefully more people will have the opportunity to see Morocco as we have.

Jane O'S, Melbourne

Both of us were pleased to have joined Moroccan Flavours for a most fascinating insight, not only into Moroccan cuisine, but also into so many other aspects of Moroccan culture in particular and Islamic culture in general. A very big “thank you” for organising Moroccan Flavours and especially for looking after us so well. Your enthusiasm, dedication and organising capacity are astounding. We felt privileged to have been part of it. There is so much more I could say. Perhaps we’ll get together in the future and share thoughts.

Barrie and Beth W, Victoria

Thank you for your tour. I found Morocco fascinating: the people were delightful and so friendly, the sights were special and the scenery was spectacular. Your tour showed the range within the country and gave me a wonderful insight into the life of Moroccans. The food was absolutely delicious but so overwhelming

Judith E, NSW

Overall the week and events you organised were definitely both memorable and enjoyable so if you have anymore planned then let me know in good time so I can fix things to join you.

Charles S, Yorkshire, UK

what a spectacular time we had… i feel so lucky to have spent that special time with you, every day was such an adventure and packed with so much care. everyone of my senses was blown away… if i can some how create enough cash I want to go again… much love to you and again THANK YOU…..was just wonderful.

Jo R, Melbourne

JAN ’06

Thanks for organising and looking after us on our wonderful trip.

We all loved it the food, the excitement, the wonderful colours and the hustle and bustle of the Medinas and let’s not forget… the famous mule ride. It was all great.

Arianne R, Melbourne

MAY ’05

John and I want to thank you for organising our private tour to Morocco. What a bonus for us that you were able to come some of the way as you gave us an insight that we would not have had with a local guide and driver alone.
Your fluent multi language skills and ebullient personality, along with familiarity of Morocco and its citizens opened doors we would never have been privy to on our own.
I never imagined Morocco to be so diverse and I would say that the whole camel and camp in the desert experience was right up ‘there’ with the unique travel experiences we have had. It definitely should go on the list of must do things before you die.
I still have vivid memories trawling the souks, buying fresh bread straight from the wood fired bakeries, brushing past aromatic mint and herb carts, ogling sculpted pyramids of powdered spices, and giant tubs of olives of every hue, and there was the occasional bizarre exhibit to marvel at. We were both impressed with the food, from the humblest eating abodes to the sophisticated Moroccan restaurants, how could we not eat well in your company! And what about the hand dyed, hand loomed berber carpets, could anyone not come home with a carpet. The Moroccan architecture and interiors were an absolute joy, I could just go on and on. Thank you again for sharing your passion with us.

Roz MacAllan and John Potter, Brisbane

Taste Travel - www.tastetravel.com.au

JAN’ 05

What can I say, you are incredible, professional, exceptional and very much appreciated.

Carolyn T, Melbourne

JAN’ 05

… Morocco is amazing! Words are simply inadquate! My expectations were high and they were exceeded every day…

Sandra D, Melbourne

…Your warmth and generosity towards us Meera made this an even more special experience than the sights themselves offered and they were beyond superlatives….

Helen M, Melbourne

OCT ’02

How incredibly fortunate was I to be able to tour with you. I can’t for a moment imagine that ANY other tour group would have been able to capture the essence of Morocco the way we did. Thank you for everything…..an unbelievable itinerary, brilliant guide & driver & exceptional culinary decisions. The added bonuses were your great passion for the country, which I now share & your brilliant linguistic skills,which gave us security & confidence.

Suzanne Q, Brisbane

Everyone needs a wonderful memory of trip that they can talk about with a wide smile and a glowing face. Morocco with you Meera, …is a magical place that I will talk about for a long time.

Sonia P, Melbourne