By Meera Freeman
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Meera Freeman’s thirty-year love affair with Morocco has culminated in a simply stunning book; part travelogue, part cookbook. Meera takes readers from Casablanca to Marrakech and everywhere in between, through the cafés, kitchens and spice markets of Morocco to the riads where luxury and culinary art combine.

Written vividly and illustrated with full colour photographs, this book will bring the sights, sounds and flavours of North Africa into everyone’s kitchen.

“COOKBOOKS THAT MAKE YOU WANT TO TRAVEL– writes Evelyn from Toronto, Canada
‘A Season in Morocco’ by Aussie Meera Freeman is a magical book that evokes the sounds, sights, smells,tastes and colours of the Moroccan culture (Black Inc).”


by Meera Freeman and Le Van Nhan
Hardcover 170 pp $34.95 235 x 170 mm 1 86395 2837

Discover the wonderful flavours of Vietnam.
Wander along Melbourne’s famous Victoria Street with Meera Freeman and ‘Vinny’ as they introduce you to the fragrant ingredients and authentic dishes of Vietnam.

Meera’s involvement with the local Vietnamese chefs and traders over the years has earned her the title ‘First Lady of Victoria Street’. This book is a culinary journey founded on her intimate knowledge of this community, her friendships, and a love of sharing good food and good conversation.

It all began with a soup called pho, ‘a magical brew’ and staple of Vietnamese cuisine, regarded to be ‘a better tonic than ten Chinese herbs’.

Fragrant broths, rice paper rolls, stir-fries, noodles … Vietnamese cuisine is the food for now- light and delicious. There are more than a hundred recipes in this definitive collection, many of which have been passed down from generation to generation. Traditional Vietnamese proverbs are woven through the text, and the book features gorgeous colour photographs of the dishes. Meera hopes that The Flavours of Vietnam will help you gain a better understanding of the wonderful cuisine and culture of Vietnam – and confidence in ordering at Vietnamese restaurants!


by Meera Freeman
November 2000 | Allen & Unwin | 9781865083452 | AUD$29.95 | Hardcover

From one of the best cooking teachers in the country comes 120 recipes that will show you how to make delicious dishes and give you invaluable skills along the way.
Meera Freeman runs one of the most successful cooking schools in the country. Now you too can enjoy her classes without having to leave your own kitchen. This stylish and user-friendly book contains more than 120 dishes from Meera’s famous international repertoire together with loads of hints, tips and short-cuts from a cook who’s seen and done it all. Each recipe provides not only the basic method but teaches you invaluable skills along the way so you end up with delicious dishes and a new technique to add to your culinary repertoire.