The promise of summer’s approach has me dreaming of figs.  This week, I have seen boxes of  perfect Turkey Browns from California on the fruit shop shelves but I resist the temptation. All in good time….  Whoever has sat under a fig tree in full leaf will never forget the exquisite scent it exudes.  The immature green figs that appear early in the season are wonderful prepared as spoon sweets, boiled several times until tender, stuffed with a blanched almond then simmered in heavy syrup perfumed with lemon peel.  Here in Melbourne, we have to wait till the end of summer to enjoy the succulent ripe figs that grow in so many of my friends’ gardens, that is if the birds don’t get them first! Then we’ll gorge on them straight from the tree or stuff them with spiced, minced chicken and cook them in a pomegranate molasses sauce to be enjoyed garnished with fresh pomegranate seeds.

Until then, I will have to be satisfied with the scent of one of those divine French Dyptique “Figuier” candles or the matching room spray that tease the senses with visions of the delectable fruit to come.
My absolute favourite summer perfume is l’Artisan Parfumeur’s “Premier Figuier “, so delicious to wear in the warm weather and so sensuous.