Meera offers individual custom designed tours to Morocco. She has access to a professional team who can organize accommodation, drivers and guides for you. Take advantage of her extensive knowledge of the country and rapport with its people to arrange your visit, considering your special interests and requirements and saving you time, effort and disappointment. She will ensure you the best Moroccan experience possible.



Meera's fully accompanied tours are designed for small groups of no more than 10 guests so as to take advantage of experiences not easily accessible to large tour groups and to ensure the best of personal attention.
Accommodation in Marrakech and Fes is in riads  - restored private homes, richly appointed with local architectural features, arts and crafts and run by Moroccan families.
The guest rooms are set around central courtyards planted with citrus trees and cooled by swimming pools or gurgling fountains and feature their own spa facilities.

Local cuisine is a feature of all the places we stay and and we can observe and participate in the preparation of traditional food with visits to the food and spice markets.

Between major cities, we stay in restored traditional buildings where you will be able to enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. There is also one very special night spent in a desert camp site with entertainment provided by local musicians.

Her many friends throughout the country, be they owners and staff of riads, spice experts, camel drivers or musicians, will ensure that you enjoy the full spectrum of sensory experiences - architecture, arts and crafts, music and special cuisine featuring dishes lovingly prepared with the finest ingredients.

Meera employs qualified English speaking Moroccan guides who will answer any questions you may ask and who can provide you with insights into the culture and customs of this fascinating country. All drivers are also excellent with years of experience and local knowledge.

You will experience different aspects of exotic Morocco as you travel through incredibly varied landscapes from modern Casablanca on the Atlantic coast to the remote Merzouga dunes on the edge of the Sahara, enjoying local colour, food and music along the way.


1-15 APRIL 2019

only two spots remaining

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riad courtyard
Camel ride at Merzouga
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